The Routine

There’s a routine we all have everyday. We all have a passing thought of breaking it in many ways but have we actually done that?

This routine we have , we like it. I for once yes, I do like it too. But there is no harm in trying to do something else which is maybe something other then what you do everyday. Isn’t it?

So, take it out you know – that playfulness and childishness. Be like a little baby . Laugh, play, take risks , fall, get up again, be curious and sleep.

Live every single day completely and experience the peace you feel.


Why do we stop expressing and go on suppressing? Yes, it’s true to “Think before you speak.” But it doesn’t mean not to speak at all. We are afraid of what others might think if we express. Okay but what about yourself?

Have you ever thought what those suppressed feelings or emotions can do if they suddenly found a outlet? There will be chaos. But to avoid it, we just have to express what we feel, what we think. Don’t just fill your inside with everything. Let those emotions flow.
You love someone and deeply care for them, show that love and care. Is that so hard? If you are Angry, vent out that anger immediately. Don’t let it break you inside piece by piece.

Let yourself be filled with thoughts that lift you up, that boost your morale. Feel them and absorb their power. Let them guide you through this life and make you feel centred and rooted.

You are Enough

You are more then you even imagine. Think about it. Life goes on but what about you? Have you stopped?

Maybe you have taken a pause to take control of the situations but you had not stopped. Every single thought you have, you have the power to turn it into a reality.

Just like the Alaadin has Genie to fulfill his wishes, you have “Yourself”. Trust me on this,”You are your own Genie.” You have everything in you for making your life the way you want to live it.

You just have to channel your energy to make your life a experience you had craved for so so  long. Let the flow of positivity begin.


From the day we are born, we are on our journey.  We were born free. There were no strings attached, no rules and regulations. But as we grow, our environment and people around us have their effect. We take up knowledge consciously or unconsciously. But what we take in, do we think or are we just filling up ourselves like adding the water in the filled up glass?

Think about the times when you were just like a bird in the vast sky. Can’t we be like that forever? It is said that we are bound by others but the fact is we are clutched by our own fear – fear of losing what we have now, fear of not letting go.

Be Free. Loosen up. Let the life guide you. You already are on a beautiful journey. It is a roller coaster ride but what’s there to lose? You have the power inside. You were born with it. Let that power light up your path of life. You were born free , then you should also die free – not a single unfulfilled desires or expectations.

Be the Traveller

Adapting to becoming the best version of yourself often involve the times when you just want to get back to your old routine life. There are instances where you can’t just take all the new things happening around you.

But you don’t have to stop there just like you have never stopped living the life. Think of the paths you will be travelling, the experiences you will be cherishing for the rest of your lives.

You have to Let life happen to you. Keep learning and absorbing the lessons it teaches every moment. Never expect too much. Just go with the flow.

The journey might be long but its worth travelling. The paths maybe be twisted but they will be there. Things will not go as planned but then life itself is just happening. Let it happen at its own pace. You just be the traveller.

Let You be You

You are Unique. Every single Human being is. No one can be like you neither you can be like anyone. Let the uniqueness inside you guide you towards your Goals. As the Sun Rises every morning, you can Rise too professionally and personally.

Make yourself a priority. Nobody else can define you other then You Yourself. Love yourself, take care of yourself and become the force which you actually are. Inside you is the Power to create the Life you want.

More than the destination , think about the Journey you already have embarked upon. Make this journey of life one of the best ones you have ever travelled. Whatever comes in front of you, face it and ace it. Let go of every single emotion which drowns your energy. Positive Thinking is must. When you leave this world, leave a Mark of you which becomes the inspiration to every single soul.

The Force

Imagine yourself standing on the cliff watching the incredible force of water hitting the boulders . The mere force and the sound are so clear that instead of covering our ears , we just stand there feeling calm from the inside as well as outside.

Just like the Nature help us feel grounded and make our mind be at ease, in our lives, we can with the help of nature can be calm amongst the chaos around us.

When the mind is at ease, the force within us awakens and makes us fulfill our Goals one by one. The Force has everything with it needed to help us achieve our expectations. It helps us to be a seeker for knowledge by increasing our thirst for learning. Let this force guide you and you will reach the destination.

Think of yourself as the Double-edged Sword. One Edge is Calm Mind and Another is The Force Inside. When this sword is utilised, we will be living our life like the way we have always wanted.

The Journey

Our whole life is a Beautiful Journey. It gives us everything , teaches us everything but also takes away many things from us some of which would have been close to us too but in the end , it happens for our own good.

This journey has the potential to make us grow and mature into an individual which have the potential to outdo himself/herself in any area of life.

As it is well known that this whole world is a black canvas, so let us fill our worlds with as many colourful memories as we can make. Bring out the creativity inside you , become the artist of your own life and let the colours make this journey a Funtastic one.

We can learn from the “River”. The way a River keeps on flowing from its source till it reaches its destination overcoming every single hurdle on its way, similarly we have come into this world and are on our way to our final destination. The journey in between is the life we live. Let us make it the way we want to live it till the very end.


Each of has a perspective towards life – how it should be and what all is needed a but what about taking actions to make it happen i.e. make your life just like the way you want it to be? How can this be possible since there are so many perspectives around us from other individuals? If everyone gets what they want in their lives, wouldn’t there be chaos? Think .

If two people are arguing about something and they are not accepting what the other is saying, don’t you think it’s just the waste of energy and time? Both of them first listen to each other perspectives ,then it will an healthy argument reaching to a successful conclusion at the end.

The happiness and joy can be found in the simplest things in life but people take the hard way to reach to that. Will there be any energy left to enjoy those moments if the latter is done? No, I guess. Keep it simple then. No need to make it harder.

What we can do is give our best, take ample of rest, watch the chirping of birds in a nest and live life with interest.

The Highest Peak

Just like the Mountains which have the highest peaks , we too have the peaks in our Professional as well as Personal lives. But do we stay there forever ?

Life is a Roller-coaster Ride. It makes us try new things, new ideas and be a new version of yourself. If a person is at the highest peak of his/her career for a long time, it shows that the efforts, dedication and adaptiveness is always there.

Imagine the situation in which you have been promoted in your Job. So, now you will be able to enjoy many luxuries of life but will there be time to do that due to additional responsibilities on you? The best way to overcome this is to find new ways and ideas to fulfill those responsibilities along with enjoying the luxurious life. Your mind is the most incredible tool you have. Utilise it and observe the changes around you.

Peaks of success are always there but if a failure strikes, don’t we just feel lost or demotivated. What if we treat those failures as the Learning experiences and utilise them as Stepping stones on our way to Success?

It’s all upon you. Remember always, you and you only have the power to change your life and live it in a way you want to be.