The Highest Peak

Just like the Mountains which have the highest peaks , we too have the peaks in our Professional as well as Personal lives. But do we stay there forever ?

Life is a Roller-coaster Ride. It makes us try new things, new ideas and be a new version of yourself. If a person is at the highest peak of his/her career for a long time, it shows that the efforts, dedication and adaptiveness is always there.

Imagine the situation in which you have been promoted in your Job. So, now you will be able to enjoy many luxuries of life but will there be time to do that due to additional responsibilities on you? The best way to overcome this is to find new ways and ideas to fulfill those responsibilities along with enjoying the luxurious life. Your mind is the most incredible tool you have. Utilise it and observe the changes around you.

Peaks of success are always there but if a failure strikes, don’t we just feel lost or demotivated. What if we treat those failures as the Learning experiences and utilise them as Stepping stones on our way to Success?

It’s all upon you. Remember always, you and you only have the power to change your life and live it in a way you want to be.


What you were, what you are and what you will be – It all depends on you. The choices we make, the skills we have and the things which we are passionate about help us to grow and broaden our perspective of looking at things around us.

It’s said that “What we Believe, we xan Achieve” and it’s absolutely True. There is no need to just believe in whatever you have been told to or made to. You have to believe in the things, goals and the ambitions you want to achieve in this life. Take sometime to note these on a paper or a mobile and everyday look at them. Don’t just think and beleive but act on them too which will definitely ensure that you achieve them very soon.

Always remember to “Believe in You” as it will enhance the power inside you and help in channeling the energy towards the things you want to achieve.

The Witness

Thoughts are like seeds. If taken proper care, they eventually become the Tree of Knowledge and Kindness. Observe your thoughts ,nourish them with positivity and love thus helping yourself to be someone you want to be in this life.

Just like every journey starts with taking the first step, similarly, before directing your thoughts to help yourself achieve your goals, be a witness first. Witnessing them is like observing a large crowd of people watching a Cricket Match. Our thoughts are so diverse that sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish them in groups.

Witnessing when done constantly helps in making you aware of them which in turn assist you in focusing them only on your goals and Mind when focused on a certain goal will definitely turn it into a reality.

So, start achieving by being a witness.

Mental Peace

The view of waves gently touching our feet on a beach; the sound of water and the Fragrance of Air – all of these seems so peaceful and literally puts our minds at ease.

Nature always mesmerises us with its incomparable beauty and its ability to calm us instantly. In these times, one of the most important thing needed is Mental Peace.

Everyday take sometime to just lay down on bed and think about the moments you have enjoyed the most with Nature, Friends or family; let them calm your mind and drain the stress from your whole body. This will be like a Power Nap for you after which the energy you feel will help you face the whole day with every ounce of Passion and dedication.

Our mind likes visuals nore then audio. Try to think of all the positive things around you or happening/happened to you. This helps in enhancing our creativity and innovativeness thus helping us grow in our daily lives.

Befriend your mind and see the wonders happening everyday in your life.

Peaceful Mind

Imagine yourself in a Boat in the middle of the river sailing peacefully. The sound of gentle touch of water with the sides of the Boat and the silence around you. The feeling of being amidst the Beauty of Nature calms you to the core.

Being in silence is so important now but do we feel it ? If we try to just sit and relax for sometime, this helps in stopping the noise from outside but what about the Inner Chatter? Your mind goes on and on.

But we can have some beautiful and silent moments too everyday. Think about the moments of peace you have felt in your life, for instance, when you were travelling somewhere or relaxing near a beach or under a tree, etc. This will help calm the mind and then just sit and observe the thoughts.

When your mind is calm, thinking becomes more focused and the thoughts you have during this time will help you grow and be very creative.

The Peaceful Mind is the most wonderful tool you can have to unleash the potential inside you.


We all hope everyday to live a life in a way we want but for that to happen, we have to take action which if done after careful planning and management leads to successful outcomes.

What if some things in our lives doesn’t happen as we wanted them to? Is this the reason to lose all our hopes? What we can do is to Hope for the Best. Not only hope, but keep on thinking about what you want and let your mind be focused on that.

Just like the particles of sand when we hold in our hand lightly, they just pass through our hand but if we hold them firmly, they will be there , similarly Our Hopes are lost only when we want them to. It depends on us how to we deal with failures.

What if we consider both , Success as well as Failures as “Stepping Stones towards the Road to Success”? Then there is no reason left for losing hope till the very end.

Remember always, “When there is a will, there is a way”,

The Reflection

When you see our Reflection in the mirror, observe the thoughts which cross your mind. Aren’t they the mixture of various things from Past,Present and Future? You will be amazed when you observe them closely. This will help you know more about yourself.

Mirror reflects back what we are. Even though it’s just the Reflection of your Physical Appearance, you get to know your True Self.

If we are same from the inside as well as outside, it may happen that you might lose some closed ones from your life but the ones who remain will be there forever.

Everyday, try to sit back, observe, learn and understand yourself by sitting in front of the Mirror watching your own Reflection.

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The Path

Life teaches us in so many ways the important lessons but its upon us to learn and understand them.

Being in comfort zone will not help us but taking risks occasionally will. We just jave to walk the path we have not taken yet to learn something new other then what we already know.

Mind will distract us in endless possible ways but we just have to continue on the path we have taken and commit to yourself to never look back.

Keep Moving and Experience the happiness growing within


We keep on moving on with our lives without thinking of even pausing for a moment. What if we take some time off to just stop and appreciate how far we have come?

What if we just sit back and relax for a little while enjoying every moment as it is happening right now?

Let’s take small baby steps …one moment at a time because just like we cannot eat all the food we love at once ,we cannot just live the whole day at  one time.

You are ONE , take ONE step, enjoy ONE moment and rejoice ONE Day.