For reaching the destination, don’t you want the route to be Amazing and the most beautiful one too while travelling. The Beautiful canopy of trees, Amazing sound of Water flowing in the River ,Chirping of Birds. Watching and listening to them make us so calm.

More then the Destination, the complete journey towards it matters as you will be exploring the Nature’s Raw beauty. Its so Breathtaking yet Simple that we are always left Mesmerised. Describing it in words doesn’t do it justice.

During the journey, we learn, meet new people and let out thoughts wander around. We think of capturing this beauty in our hearts eventually soothing our soul.

Something inside you changes.You become more aware of the experiences you have on the journey and absorb and learn what they teach. The Beauty Inside gets reflected outside. You become a part of the whole.


Whenever an opportunity comes, most often either we do not notice it or unknowingly ignore it. When we actually notice it later, it is too late. But why should we even wait for an opportunity to come? Can’t we create it or Build a Door to get it right away whenever we want?

Its the matter of choice. If we want to live a life on our own terms, make your own opportunities or accept the life the way it is. Even though the Routine life provide us a sense of security and comfort, deep inside we crave for the living the life where we are the boss.

Let your instincts guide you what’s god for you. What you have to do is either catch the opportunity which is knocking at your doorstep or Build a Door to get the opportunity of your choice.

Often we underestimate ourselves but we should know everyone of us has the potential to be the person we want to be. “Believe in You, Build that door, Get that Opportunity and Live the Life of your dreams.”


When you are in a place where the only other companion with you is The Nature, do you feel the Silence and being one with nature? Other then the beautiful chirping of birds, fluttering of leaves on trees, sounds of Animals communicating with each other in their own ways, there is nothing else. But even though all this should calm you to the core, there are Your Thoughts which keep on coming and they don’t let you feel the silence.

You might have observed this. How many times you have felt the onrush of innumerable thoughts when you are sleeping or resting comfortably for sometime? Every single day , they make us restless. It feels like even though all around us we are surrounded by Beautiful and Serene silence, there is Chaos inside us.

But remember Mind is an Incredible Tool. If those thoughts make us restless, we can make them go away by just “Being a Observer“. Sit back and relax, Observe the inflow of thoughts but don’t participate where they go. Don’t go along with them. Instead be alert and just Observe. In a few moments, you will feel there frequency has decreased considerably.

Learn to experience the “Silence in the Chaos.”


Its true when you decide to do something and work towards it with complete zest and determination, Nothing can stop you from achieving it. Whatever hurdles are there on the path, you can overcome those easily. They are there for only one purpose – to make you strong as “On passing everyone of them, you are actually going a Level Up or you can say that In Top Gear.”

You might have watched the River. Have you seen it stopping in between anywhere on its course or continuing on its journey towards its final destination till the End? It never stops. Instead it makes it path through the challenges or hurdles and pass through them or break them. This is one of the best lesson the River teaches us. Be like a River – Unstoppable, Unimaginable and Undeterred.

Remember that Other then yourself, no other force can stop you for achieving what you want in your life. Let the potential inside you be the flame for guiding you forward in your whole Life.


Our Bodies are more then what we think. They are the temples which should be worshipped and taken care by us. But do we really give time to our Bodies or just focus on them when we are unwell?

Our Bodies if taken proper care will help us in so many ways you can’t even imagine. Just think about it – You have set a Goal and want to achieve it soon. Along with care and love for your body, you respectfully are worshipping them. What is required is very Simple yet effective – REST. Even a short nap or a Power Nap will revive your body’s energy very much.

Scientifically, 8 hours of rest is important for Body. But those 8 hours can be divided too but before doing that, let the Body decide when Rest is needed. You just have to Listen to your own body – It’s Signals, Signs and Voice. Be aware of what it needs.

Remember this,” When you take care of you Body, it will take care of you.”


One of the most incredible tools we have with us is “The Mind“. Imagine a Book with its outer features as our brain and the inside content as our Mind. Its a seat of Human Consciousness and has unimaginable storage capacity.

But to utilise its complete potential, we have to be its Master and not let it be ours. The Choice is very much important here. Choose wisely. Below are some steps to help you be the CEO of this incredible tool:-

1. Listen and Acknowledge the Thoughts.

2. Make peace with the mind.

3. Observe the thoughts and Accept the
  way they are.

4. Retrain the Mind to Rewire the Brain by
  process of Repetition.

Become the Best CEO,  take care of your precious Employee(Mind) and observe your life with the changes happening the way you want.


Self Appreciation” is the process of appreciating and being grateful to yourself. When you appreciate yourself, you don’t enhance your self-image.You are just thankful.

You are just grateful for that your body is still functioning. Grateful to be able to breathe. And grateful that your heart is pumping blood to your whole body. This is Self Appreciation.

Instead of waiting for or seeking approval from others, self-appreciation is a better choice. Because it’s something within our control.

You can follow below simple yet effective steps for Self Appreciation:-

1. Kind Words – Keep on
  communicating with yourself by
  saying kind words.

2. Gift Yourself – Gift may be
  something simple such as taking a
  break from work or walking in
  nature or giving yourself some
  time everyday.

3. Be Yourself – Accept the way you are
  and let yourself just be you.


Memories are like story books. They record our experiences and the lessons we have learned from them. They always  are embedded in our consciousness as myths, dreams and fantasies. Like a motion picture in progress, they come and go.

When we are in touch with the deepest part of ourselves, this memory storehouse of humanity is at play within us. All the wisdom of humanity can be accessed.We have on tap all the wisdom and goodness. That is how we find help in processing our memories, retaining those that bring life and allowing what is not good to move away.

Memories are not merely a choice when we choose to relive the past. They are an integral part of us. The more we are able to release them, the closer we come to our true selves.Use your memories to enrich your life


Have you ever wondered if your day-to-day has any meaning? Our daily tasks and chores can really make us think that we don’t have any purpose but actually they do matter.

No two people were created just alike – even identical twins. What if you didn’t exist? Who would “take your place?” – NO ONE!

What you do matters because you matter.

Make choices that move you towards a great life. Spend more time with your family and friends and less time worrying about things you can’t control. You desire to live a great life. Fulfill that desire.

Enjoy life and to try new things.Listen to that voice and never stop dreaming and believing that more is possible. But don’t lose yourself in the process.

We live in a society where the little things we do often get overlooked and it has a way of making us believe that those things don’t matter but THEY DO.

Compassion, understanding, small acts of kindness, or a willingness to simply reach out to others in any way can all make a huge difference.Each day is precious.  Live it to the fullest.


Like a line in a poem that resonates, or a smell that makes you nostalgic ,a picture can evoke emotion and tell a story better than any article, essay or chart.

More and more communication is made through images. Nonverbal communication is in fact more powerful than the words we carefully analyse.

Human brain deciphers image elements simultaneously. We often accept images more readily than words and do not challenge the pictures put in front of us.

Images reflect reality and ideally the inclusive, diverse workplaces that we want to create. If you want to learn something in the shortest possible time, utilise visual representations related to topic or matter you want to understand. Our Brain catches this images more quickly then the written matter related to those topics.