Silence is a state of thoughtlessness. There is neither the outside noise nor the inside noise. What remains now is Silence. Everything around you continues to happen but you are just observer, nothing else.

This short story helps in understanding Silence in a beautiful way:-Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks. They began with enthusiasm and no one said a word the whole day. By nightfall of the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out.
The first monk blurted out, “Oh, no! The candle is out.”
The second monk said, “Hey! We are not supposed to speak!”
The third monk said in an irritated voice, “What is this? Why did you two break the silence?”
The fourth monk smiled and said, “Wow! I’m the only one who hasn’t spoken.”
For experiencing Silence, remember “I CAN”:-

Four monks decided to meditate silently without speaking for two weeks. They began with enthusiasm and no one said a word the whole day. By nightfall of the first day, the candle began to flicker and then went out.
The first monk blurted out, “Oh, no! The candle is out.”
The second monk said, “Hey! We are not supposed to speak!”
The third monk said in an irritated voice, “What is this? Why did you two break the silence?”
The fourth monk smiled and said, “Wow! I’m the only one who hasn’t spoken.”

For experiencing Silence, remember “I CAN“:-

I:- Try not to think about yourself only.

Calm:- Be Calm and observe your thoughts.

Analyse:- Perform Self- Analysis.

Now:- Experience the present.

Let This Silence be your guide all your life. Just remember “I CAN” for helping your mind to stop thinking and start understanding. You will gradually observe and experience the Silence happening around as well as Inside you.


It simply means “Bouncing Back“. It is the mental reservoir of strength that people are able to call on in times of need to carry them through without falling apart. You might have observed people in your life who remain calm during minor or major situations. They utilise their skills and strengths to cope and recover from problems and challenges.

Resilient people experience every emotion just as we do even the pain during tragedies and disasters. The difference is their mental outlook which allows them to work through such feelings and recover.

Developing a positive outlook, having a strong support system, and taking active steps to make things better can go a long way toward becoming more resilient in the face of life’s challenges.

Resilience is knowing that “you are the only one that has the power and the responsibility to pick yourself up.” So, be Resilient.


Acceptance” is “Being absolutely okay with things the way they are – still trying to make the best of what you have, but without changing it or putting too much effort, without a feeling of unfairness or dissatisfaction, but by just going with the flow.”

In 3 very simple ways, we can Learn Acceptance. You just have to remember 3 words, “I AM FAB”:-

FocusedWe all already have much more than we realise. If we actually look around and focus on the things, the ones we take for granted every single day, we’ll feel abundant.

AwareInstead of being in a rush, stop every now and then and take a deep breath.
Just see around you, feel  and listen. This brings clarity, calmness and peace that can be found nowhere else but in this moment. Trust the natural flow.

Being ThankfulBe thankful every morning and find time for the people in your life, the things you love doing and the opportunities that come your way.

“When you invoke the agent of change called Acceptance, you must accept all that you are, all that you’ve been, and all that you will be in the future.”


Living simply entails stripping away the nonessential and focusing your time and energy on the things that matter the most.It is often in the most simple things that we find true happiness.

When you simplify, you’re left with a life filled with meaning, a life that is lived on your own terms. You have the time and space to pursue your interests and to create the life you truly desire.

Breaking every complex issues into simple and easy parts help in resolving them rapidly. Simplicity has countless benefits some of which we already know and even experienced . I have listed some of them below:-

1. You get to know the “Real You” since there is no extra baggages in your mind.

2. You get “More Free Time” to explore the creative potential inside you.

3. Your “Health Improves” at Physical, Mental and Emotional Levels which helps you grow in your life.

4. Your “Relationships become more meaningful” as there is a deep yet simple understanding developing inside you.

Life is joyfully simple. Let’s keep it that way. Experience the Beauty of Simplicity and let it guide you all your life.


Vision is a mental picture of the result you want to achieve—a picture so clear and strong it will help make that result real. It inspires action,  pulls in ideas, people and other resources and  creates the energy and will to make change happen.

Be clear—so sharp and so detailed that you can see, smell and taste the smallest details. To create a vision that’s exciting and compelling, you’ve got to give yourself the freedom to dream—to use your imagination to see and feel what does not yet exist.

Vision is a practical guide for creating plans, setting goals and objectives and making decisions. It can be utilised for communicating the values and goals and Improve the overall performance.

A vision is not the same as goals or objectives; those come from the head. A vision comes from the heart. Let your Vision be so crystal clear that it keeps you inspired all your life.


Once in a while, go on a ride. A ride which  instills a desire to be free of all the chaos around and live a life of your own. Let the wind touch you face and make it glow. The thought of letting go comes from nowhere and you feel like rising on a heavenly path.

Let the surroundings Mesmerise you with the beauty they have making you feel the calmness and peace right to the core.

Embrace the beauty of Mother Nature while basking in the Glory of being free from all the restrictions . Let the love and laughter come from deep inside you and make the experience more Beautiful.

It’s a Wonderful World. Take a Ride and experience its beauty along with exploring the same Beautiful world inside you which you have not seen for a very long time.


In our lives, we have Goals and Desire to achieve them but what about the path you travel to reach those goals or achieve them? Is that path already paved and travelled by others? Do you want to achieve your Goals by walking on their already paved paths or make your own?

Sometimes, we do have to travel on already paved paths but what if you paved a path of your own? Brick by Brick, step by step , create your own path with patience, focus and determination but remember to make that path smooth by covering the path with the layer of love and care.

As you know, the seeds we sow today will grow into beautiful plants or trees in near future. Similarly, the path you have created for you will help you achieve your Life’s Goals. Enjoy every step of the path and be proud of yourself after achieving every single Goal be it small or big.

Let your own path inspire you to be the person you want to be in your life.


For reaching the destination, don’t you want the route to be Amazing and the most beautiful one too while travelling. The Beautiful canopy of trees, Amazing sound of Water flowing in the River ,Chirping of Birds. Watching and listening to them make us so calm.

More then the Destination, the complete journey towards it matters as you will be exploring the Nature’s Raw beauty. Its so Breathtaking yet Simple that we are always left Mesmerised. Describing it in words doesn’t do it justice.

During the journey, we learn, meet new people and let out thoughts wander around. We think of capturing this beauty in our hearts eventually soothing our soul.

Something inside you changes.You become more aware of the experiences you have on the journey and absorb and learn what they teach. The Beauty Inside gets reflected outside. You become a part of the whole.


Whenever an opportunity comes, most often either we do not notice it or unknowingly ignore it. When we actually notice it later, it is too late. But why should we even wait for an opportunity to come? Can’t we create it or Build a Door to get it right away whenever we want?

Its the matter of choice. If we want to live a life on our own terms, make your own opportunities or accept the life the way it is. Even though the Routine life provide us a sense of security and comfort, deep inside we crave for the living the life where we are the boss.

Let your instincts guide you what’s god for you. What you have to do is either catch the opportunity which is knocking at your doorstep or Build a Door to get the opportunity of your choice.

Often we underestimate ourselves but we should know everyone of us has the potential to be the person we want to be. “Believe in You, Build that door, Get that Opportunity and Live the Life of your dreams.”


When you are in a place where the only other companion with you is The Nature, do you feel the Silence and being one with nature? Other then the beautiful chirping of birds, fluttering of leaves on trees, sounds of Animals communicating with each other in their own ways, there is nothing else. But even though all this should calm you to the core, there are Your Thoughts which keep on coming and they don’t let you feel the silence.

You might have observed this. How many times you have felt the onrush of innumerable thoughts when you are sleeping or resting comfortably for sometime? Every single day , they make us restless. It feels like even though all around us we are surrounded by Beautiful and Serene silence, there is Chaos inside us.

But remember Mind is an Incredible Tool. If those thoughts make us restless, we can make them go away by just “Being a Observer“. Sit back and relax, Observe the inflow of thoughts but don’t participate where they go. Don’t go along with them. Instead be alert and just Observe. In a few moments, you will feel there frequency has decreased considerably.

Learn to experience the “Silence in the Chaos.”