My 150th Blog Post.. can’t believe it 😀😍

When I first started blogging, I had never thought that it will become such a integral part of my life that I just cannot keep it away from me. Even though I had been quite inconsistent here , but I had never stopped😊

Just love sharing my thoughts and musings with you all. All your love, support and guidance have helped me a lot. I will be forever grateful to you all for that😌

To everyone out there, I just want to say that “Do what you are passionate about. Start acting on those goals and dreams you have. Never ever stop. You are your own inspiration.”

Thank you everyone of you for the love you shower on my posts. I will keep on going and you all should too.

Till then, take care guys. See you soon.


For getting things done, sometimes what all we need is just a small push or a nudge. Believe me , the FINAL IMPACT IS BIG.

Each one of us is very much capable of doing more than what we think but the thing is we don’t push ourselves and keep procrastinating more for later.

YOU ARE YOUR OWN INSPIRATION. Keep pushing yourself a little everyday which in turn will help you get closer towards your goals.

Remember that “ONLY A SMALL PUSH IS NEEDED FROM YOU FOR YOU” to be what you want to be.


Lost in the world of chaos,
Lost in the super cluster of thoughts,
Lost in the endless emotions,
Lost in the unbearable pain,

Now, just STOP.

Stop to observe every thought,
Stop to feel every emotion,
Stop to clear of the chaos,
Stop to feel the pain.

Begin the Transformation.

Transform the pain into Joy,
Transform the chaos to order,
Transform Yourself everyday,
You are in this world to say Hurray.


Everyone of us wants to go the extra mile but it needs that “Little Extra” from us .It’s a matter of choice, a mindset, an expectation.  It doesn’t require any special skills.

Usually, it often requires working a little harder, to get up after you’ve been knocked down, to study a little more and  still do more even though you have done enough.

It requires an awareness, a conscious choice and the mindset that “this is who I am. I am a person that goes the extra mile”.

If you simply take a minute or two, you can think of numerous ways that you can go the extra mile.  Start with one today and build from there.  It will be noticed and will eventually reap rewards, often in ways you don’t expect.


Sometimes we realise but most often we don’t that we face so much everyday, even thinking about them makes us feels exhausted.

Often, we ignore our role in making our own life like the way we want. We keep pushing ourselves beyond the limits.

While working towards making our dream life, basic things should never be ignored like Rest, Self Care, Self Reflection and many more.

Just remember to also make it a habit of expressing love, gratitude and care towards yourself everyday because in the end, that’s what matters the most.


We often think of our past even though we know those things cannot be undone now. But why to think about the past when you can enjoy the present.

Yes, we can learn from our past experiences and let them guide us when there is need.  But there is no reason to cling to the past as if we don’t move further, we will not see what new things or oppurtunities are there for us to welcome in our lives.

We live only once. So, make this life’s every single moment count by living it with all your heart.

Do you expect too much from yourself?

Every one of us have the potential to make our lives the way we want it to for which we do push ourselves a lot. Expectations within limits are good but for thinking beyond the limits, take it slowly.

Take a pause, sit back and relax. Think of something out of the box like something totally different yet utterly plausible. Work towards them slowly and steadily. When you achieve the goals you had set, don’t immediately jump on another one.

Make it a habit to enjoy some quality time with yourself. Gather the thoughts, listen to your inner voice and let it guide you. Trust yourself because it helps in achieving far more then the expectations.

Celebrate every single day and let the life happen to you.


This life you have .. Isn’t it a blank canvas ? Are you painting it with colours of love,fun,care, kindness and a little of many more things? You are but in a very subtle way which sometimes even you don’t see.

From outside, you do paint your life with colours of happiness, enjoyment and adventure but what about inside you? Do you do that from inside you with all tour heart?

If you express your emotions from your heart be it anger, sadness or love, success , you will see the changes happening in your life and these are the changes you wanted for real . Why will they happen because you are being your true self…Sane from the inside as well as outside.

“Be  the artist of your own life.”