Have you forgotten all the efforts and hard work you have put to be the person who you are OR are in the process of becoming? What about the sacrifices you have made to reach this moment right now?

There is no need to underestimate yourself. If mistakes were made so what, that doesn’t mean you can’t move forward and start again. Mistakes just mean the path you have followed was not the one.

Understand Yourself. You are Unique in your own way so never compare yourself to others. Realise the infinite potential you have , unleash it and start manifesting the life you want.


Our thoughts significantly affect our lives in reality. They are our creation and we have to take a control of them so that positive ones always be in our mind. But this is a slow process as negative thoughts are always there to distract us from what we really are.

Just sit back and relax. Remember the key here is “TO DO NOTHING.’ But we all know our minds cannot be quiet so fast. They will distract you by the thoughts which will affect your bodies to keep moving rather then just sitting. But YOU and only YOU can take control of your mind and make it quiet.

Observe what happens. Changes will happen which will help you grow and understand your life from a beautiful perspective.


Life is unpredictable. We always don’t get what we want. But we keep on learning from our experiences. It makes us who we are now. Haven’t you been through a lot?

Lets take a moment to appreciate ourselves. Think of the things you have gone through, challenges you conquered and the path you have travelled. You have shown what you are and can do come what may in your journey of life.

Everyday is a new one. Make it a habit to appreciate yourself for those little achievements you get or some ideas of you which gave a wonderful output. This will help you grow in every area of your life.

Remember always your best companion who will always be there by your side is YOU. Be grateful to yourself for being who you are.


People may lie to everyone around them and no one will notice but what about you? You cannot escape yourself. Every thought, every word and every action is recorded in your brain😌

To cover up one lie, there is a set of other lies which are told. But why to lie – To escape the consequences of actions done or thinking about what others would say? Can you lie to yourself – if the answer is Yes, do give me some tips how to do that😀🙈

As it is well known, Charity begins from home.  So, why don’t we implement the habit of being honest with ourselves and never lie .This will help eventually in boosting self confidence and having the courage always to say what is right😊

Let you be the teacher as well as the student for making your own life a beautiful one with honesty and trust as your strengths💯💯