It was winter and all I wanted was to just lay on the bed under the cute and cushy blanket and sleep like a baby. But I didn’t.

I chose to take a morning walk and the cold wind getting under my skin chilled me completely. I was literally shivering but kept on moving.

My destination was a beautiful park which was to my surprise completely empty. To warm up myself, I started jogging and the peace and calm I felt cannot be described in words.

After an hour , I just lie down on the green grass and let it’s fragrance take me. I felt like lying there forever listening to chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and sound of wind. It was nature at its finest making my day the one to chrish forever.


It was early evening and the cool breeze was touching every part of my body. The feeling of complete calm just cannot be expressed but only can be experienced.

To my surprise, there was not a single soul around and I was all alone just absorbing the breathtaking beauty of these moments into my soul because I didn’t want to lose this sight.

The brushing of the waves at my feet made me realise how much just being there in a moment with nature affects us. As far as I can see I just saw and endless expanse of water under the open sky – The combined effect making me just Stop and Stare.

I wish to be there right now escaping all the chaos and sometimes , reality.


It was a beautiful night and I can’t stop looking up into the Gorgeous sky with dazzling stars. Just like in my childhood, I started counting them but in few moments got lost in their brilliance.

The beauty ,shine and Radiance of stars just made me feel at ease. I felt like just sleeping right there forgetting everything and just keep gazing at them.

The feeling of complete peace and tranquility was there making that very moment a wonderful blessing and a fond memory forever getting etched in my mind.

Just like them, aren’t we the stars of our own lives? We have the ability to shine and dazzle every single moment of our life.

So, YOU, yes, the one who is reading this right now – Just believe in yourself and shine.


It was a beautiful sunny day with a gentle breeze caressing my body as I just set there in my favourite spot – The Park Bench.

The whole world around me was a myriad of colours, be it the beauty of nature or sounds of children laughing or the adults gossiping about their lives.

All around me as I watched with utter fascination, there was something so simple yet Beautiful going on , The interaction between Human and Nature. I was mesmerised and yet intrigued by just observing the subtle effects the Mighty nature has on us humans.

That moment I felt like a free bird who has finally broke free of the cage and started flying relishing the freedom.

Ending this with a heartiest hope that may each one of us become that free bird and keep flying.


This site has given me a beautiful platform to express my thoughts and musings. I am forever grateful for this.

Can’t believe it has been 2 years but it’s been a wonderful journey till now. I will ensure to let it continue forever.

Even though I have not been very active here for last few months due to personal and professional commitments, I am thrilled to start again.

I feel like New Year, New Resolution, New Journey and of course, New Me.

Looking forward to connect with more and more amazing bloggers here this new year.


When you see our Reflection in the mirror, observe the thoughts which cross your mind. Aren’t they the mixture of various things from Past,Present and Future? You will be amazed when you observe them closely. This will help you know more about yourself.

Mirror reflects back what we are. Even though it’s just the Reflection of your Physical Appearance, you get to know your True Self.

If we are same from the inside as well as outside, it may happen that you might lose some closed ones from your life but the ones who remain will be there forever.

Everyday, try to sit back, observe, learn and understand yourself by sitting in front of the Mirror watching your own Reflection.


Life teaches us in so many ways the important lessons but its upon us to learn and understand them.

Being in comfort zone will not help us but taking risks occasionally will. We just have to walk the path we have not taken yet to learn something new other then what we already know.

Mind will distract us in endless possible ways but we just have to continue on the path we have taken and commit to yourself to never look back.

Keep Moving and Experience the happiness growing within.


We keep on moving on with our lives without thinking of even pausing for a moment. What if we take some time off to just stop and appreciate how far we have come?

What if we just sit back and relax for a little while enjoying every moment as it is happening right now?

Let’s take small baby steps …one moment at a time because just like we cannot eat all the food we love at once ,we cannot just live the whole day at  one time.

You are ONE , take ONE step, enjoy ONE moment and rejoice ONE Day.


On a Personal as well as Professional fronts, we have discussions,arguments, Q & A sessions, meetings ,etc. where we either listen or express our views for a certain topic but have you observed that there are times when even though the whole discussion is over, the most important point is missed? Think about it樂

If the basis for the discussion is not discussed but all other things which are actually are not worth mentioning there are discussed, both our Energies and Time are wasted. What if the discussions or meetings are done in brief and only the important points are mentioned? Detailed explanation is given when required and not every time. This will save these precious resources of time and energy.

The Point is to put forth our views or opinions so clearly but briefly in front of everyone that there is not a chance left not to understand. But elaborate explanations should be provided when needed keeping in mind not to deviate from the topic.

This helps us grow personally as well as professionaly because if the discussions are brief and to the point, we have to “Think before speaking”.


Are you protected from the thoughts/opinions/views which are fed continuosly into your mind from all around you? Have you try to block them or stop them in someway? Think about it.

Becoming the master of your mind – the greatest tool in the world will help you to allow only those thoughts which you want to enter ..the thoughts which help us grow and help us surround ourselves with positivity which in turn increase our creativity manyfolds.

Try to Build up a shield of positivity around you. Every single day whenever you think you are being affected by the thoughts around you, let the shield protect you from them. You just have to think positively or mentally just think of the peaceful places you had visited or even seen on television or social sites or you can start saying mentally positive affirmations.

Remember always, you and only you can Build up The Shield, no one else can do that for you.