When you see our Reflection in the mirror, observe the thoughts which cross your mind. Aren’t they the mixture of various things from Past,Present and Future? You will be amazed when you observe them closely. This will help you know more about yourself.

Mirror reflects back what we are. Even though it’s just the Reflection of your Physical Appearance, you get to know your True Self.

If we are same from the inside as well as outside, it may happen that you might lose some closed ones from your life but the ones who remain will be there forever.

Everyday, try to sit back, observe, learn and understand yourself by sitting in front of the Mirror watching your own Reflection.


Life teaches us in so many ways the important lessons but its upon us to learn and understand them.

Being in comfort zone will not help us but taking risks occasionally will. We just have to walk the path we have not taken yet to learn something new other then what we already know.

Mind will distract us in endless possible ways but we just have to continue on the path we have taken and commit to yourself to never look back.

Keep Moving and Experience the happiness growing within.


We keep on moving on with our lives without thinking of even pausing for a moment. What if we take some time off to just stop and appreciate how far we have come?

What if we just sit back and relax for a little while enjoying every moment as it is happening right now?

Let’s take small baby steps …one moment at a time because just like we cannot eat all the food we love at once ,we cannot just live the whole day at  one time.

You are ONE , take ONE step, enjoy ONE moment and rejoice ONE Day.


On a Personal as well as Professional fronts, we have discussions,arguments, Q & A sessions, meetings ,etc. where we either listen or express our views for a certain topic but have you observed that there are times when even though the whole discussion is over, the most important point is missed? Think about it樂

If the basis for the discussion is not discussed but all other things which are actually are not worth mentioning there are discussed, both our Energies and Time are wasted. What if the discussions or meetings are done in brief and only the important points are mentioned? Detailed explanation is given when required and not every time. This will save these precious resources of time and energy.

The Point is to put forth our views or opinions so clearly but briefly in front of everyone that there is not a chance left not to understand. But elaborate explanations should be provided when needed keeping in mind not to deviate from the topic.

This helps us grow personally as well as professionaly because if the discussions are brief and to the point, we have to “Think before speaking”.


Are you protected from the thoughts/opinions/views which are fed continuosly into your mind from all around you? Have you try to block them or stop them in someway? Think about it.

Becoming the master of your mind – the greatest tool in the world will help you to allow only those thoughts which you want to enter ..the thoughts which help us grow and help us surround ourselves with positivity which in turn increase our creativity manyfolds.

Try to Build up a shield of positivity around you. Every single day whenever you think you are being affected by the thoughts around you, let the shield protect you from them. You just have to think positively or mentally just think of the peaceful places you had visited or even seen on television or social sites or you can start saying mentally positive affirmations.

Remember always, you and only you can Build up The Shield, no one else can do that for you.


It is well known that Our Life is a Journey but with lot of twists and turns just like a Roller coaster Ride. But we have to make our own ways to get out of the situations which create hurdles. Every single day, we overcome so many challenges and if you observe carefully, you will find that in overcoming them, you are becoming more and more creative.

There are endless moments with so many emotions in our lives but its upon us to make go through them, feel them and learn what they teach us.

We had actually been learning all our lives, keeping on updating ourselves everyday with so many new things happening around us. Make this life one of the greatest teaching experiences and learn from them in a way that inculcates in you the desire to seek more.

Look around you. Right from the smallest organisms to  Plants , Animals and Humans, Nature has already provided us everything which make us grow, thrive and live life at its best. Make the most of it  and try to be a Learner.

Our minds are as we all know have the vast space for storage where right from our birth till death, every memory is stored. It’s the greatest tool provided to us. Utilise it to make your life the way you wanted to be.

Do remember to “Fly high in the sky but keep your feet on the ground.


We often think of the places we have not visited yet. We plan to visit them but due to some reasons, you don’t. But that desire, that longing to visit those places still remains. When the day comes finally where you actually are standing there at that very place, the immense happiness and Joy you experience cannot be described in words.

Doesn’t these Beautiful places are like The Gateway to the life we always want to have. Just thinking about them calms our mind and we are at peace with ourselves. Amidst the chaos around us, these thoughts are like the rays of Sun spreading their warmth and make us feel at ease.

Instead of just trying, firmly make decision to visit these places in your life at least once. They leave their mark on us and the beautiful memories we make just when we visit them will be their with you forever.

Also, Travelling with family and friends is indeed amazing as it makes the journey all the more fun and enjoyable but make sure to Travel Alone too sometimes since it will give you a new experience and a perspective towards life as well as it helps to explore a wonderful yet completely different side of you.


The Journey you are on has everything which will make you think before taking a step towards it be it The Darkness, Fear, Anxiety, Pain but it also has The Light, Courage, Freedom and the Choice. You have to go through all of them to be your true self.
There are always two sides be it Darkness/Light, Pain/Courage, Freedom/Struggle and many more everyone of which help us grow and mature to become the Person we are meant to be. They all teach us how to face the challenges and stand up for what we are.

Everyday we wake up in the morning thinking about the day and hoping it will be amazing but if it is not , then what? Do we just sit and let the feeling of sadness pass over us or Do we move on with our life thinking that “This phase will pass, we will get through this”?

Our thoughts are like the seeds. Let us be committed to provide them complete nourishment in form of positive affirmations and love so that a beautiful plant (You) with all the fruits (peace, calm and Wonderful feelings) and flowers ( Essence of success and prosperity) along with thorns ( The support and foundation ) grow from it.


Observe yourself everyday. Look how you cope up with situations and challenges. Every single individual is unique and that includes YOU. Believe in yourself and understand what you are capable of. When you put all your focus on becoming the person you want to be, you do and that too very soon.

Look at how far you have come. If you carefully observe, you will be surprised by the immense strength and potential you have in yourself. The choices you have done and the paths you have crossed on this Journey of Life have made you grow and increased your understanding.

You are the Flame which lights the path you travel. Everyday appreciate and inspire  yourself with positive words. Take care of yourself in the way a Mother takes care of her child. Shower unconditional love and kindness on YOU and Experience the peace and calm which starts happening.

Make yourself a Priority. Make this journey a beautiful one. Don’t copy others because you yourself are a masterpiece. Remember always to “BE YOU“.


For others you may have lied sometimes or been honest all your life but Have you been true to yourself? We all do have wear A Mask – Mask of Deception many times in our lives. Don’t we?  What we are from the inside, are we the same person from the outside? Think about it.樂樂

Being Honest with yourself is the first step towards knowing the Real You. This will gradually help us expressing what we really are and being Honest to others as well. You become more aware when others try to deceive you since you can through their lies or deception very clearly.

The Mask may also be there to act on the things which normally you would have feared to do when you are your real self. It makes that fear go away. There are no lies and just honesty but only the identity is hidden.

Just like it is said that “Don’t judge the Book by its cover”, similarly the choice is ours – Do you want to show the Book ( The Real You)  or just the cover ( The Mask) ? Remember to never deceive yourself since You are your best companion for your whole life. You will be there with yourself forever.