As the New year is approaching, don’t forget what 2021 has taught us. Those lessons were not just for few days or years, they were for lifetime. Some of them which I personally had are listed below:-

1. Life is unpredictable. What the next moment brings, no one knows but what we do know is to make the best of it.

2. Getting out of comfort zone. For me, I learned how to balance our personal and professional lives along with investing ourselves in what we are passionate about.  The work is still under progress but I am gappy it is getting more better each day. I hope you all do let go of those comfort zones if you are in there. Let the life happen to you.

3. Never underestimate yourself. Remember that you are incredible and unique  You are defined by your own actions and decisions . Don’t let others do that for you.

4. Keep Moving because once we get ourselves attached to something, it becomes difficult to let go. Never stop and live your life on your own terms.

5. Never ever leave those who care for you . Acknowledge their care by caring for them because they will be the ones who will be there for you always.

Happiest New Year each and everyone of you.

4 thoughts on “JUST A REMINDER

    • Karan Moolpani January 21, 2022 / 6:27 am

      Happiest New Year to you and your loved ones too Karima☺️


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