On a Personal as well as Professional fronts, we have discussions,arguments, Q & A sessions, meetings ,etc. where we either listen or express our views for a certain topic but have you observed that there are times when even though the whole discussion is over, the most important point is missed? Think about it樂

If the basis for the discussion is not discussed but all other things which are actually are not worth mentioning there are discussed, both our Energies and Time are wasted. What if the discussions or meetings are done in brief and only the important points are mentioned? Detailed explanation is given when required and not every time. This will save these precious resources of time and energy.

The Point is to put forth our views or opinions so clearly but briefly in front of everyone that there is not a chance left not to understand. But elaborate explanations should be provided when needed keeping in mind not to deviate from the topic.

This helps us grow personally as well as professionaly because if the discussions are brief and to the point, we have to “Think before speaking”.

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