The Journey you are on has everything which will make you think before taking a step towards it be it The Darkness, Fear, Anxiety, Pain but it also has The Light, Courage, Freedom and the Choice. You have to go through all of them to be your true self.
There are always two sides be it Darkness/Light, Pain/Courage, Freedom/Struggle and many more everyone of which help us grow and mature to become the Person we are meant to be. They all teach us how to face the challenges and stand up for what we are.

Everyday we wake up in the morning thinking about the day and hoping it will be amazing but if it is not , then what? Do we just sit and let the feeling of sadness pass over us or Do we move on with our life thinking that “This phase will pass, we will get through this”?

Our thoughts are like the seeds. Let us be committed to provide them complete nourishment in form of positive affirmations and love so that a beautiful plant (You) with all the fruits (peace, calm and Wonderful feelings) and flowers ( Essence of success and prosperity) along with thorns ( The support and foundation ) grow from it.

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