For others you may have lied sometimes or been honest all your life but Have you been true to yourself? We all do have wear A Mask – Mask of Deception many times in our lives. Don’t we?  What we are from the inside, are we the same person from the outside? Think about it.樂樂

Being Honest with yourself is the first step towards knowing the Real You. This will gradually help us expressing what we really are and being Honest to others as well. You become more aware when others try to deceive you since you can through their lies or deception very clearly.

The Mask may also be there to act on the things which normally you would have feared to do when you are your real self. It makes that fear go away. There are no lies and just honesty but only the identity is hidden.

Just like it is said that “Don’t judge the Book by its cover”, similarly the choice is ours – Do you want to show the Book ( The Real You)  or just the cover ( The Mask) ? Remember to never deceive yourself since You are your best companion for your whole life. You will be there with yourself forever.

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