The word “Inspire” is like the fuel to help us to achieve our goals. It is a Push to start the journey of success which we might had stopped for some reason. But do you get inspired by others or by yourself? We often compare ourselves with others and then have thoughts related to what we lack instead of actually looking at what we already have in us.

What if “You become your own Inspiration“? Have you ever thought of that? Just observe yourself – the talents you have , the things you are passionate about, the paths you have travelled and the challenges you have faced. Have you ever stopped – No right!! You have kept on moving making your own path and facing the challenges head on. Doesn’t that inspire you?

The way you work and the mental stability with which you help yourself calm amidst all the chaos around you , it’s so Amazing. Never ever allow others to brainwash you with their expectations , philosophies and desires. Set your own expectations, fulfill your own desires and acheive your own goals .

Remember always that not a single soul in this world will inspire you the way you Inspire your own self.

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