Acceptance” is “Being absolutely okay with things the way they are – still trying to make the best of what you have, but without changing it or putting too much effort, without a feeling of unfairness or dissatisfaction, but by just going with the flow.”

In 3 very simple ways, we can Learn Acceptance. You just have to remember 3 words, “I AM FAB”:-

FocusedWe all already have much more than we realise. If we actually look around and focus on the things, the ones we take for granted every single day, we’ll feel abundant.

AwareInstead of being in a rush, stop every now and then and take a deep breath.
Just see around you, feel  and listen. This brings clarity, calmness and peace that can be found nowhere else but in this moment. Trust the natural flow.

Being ThankfulBe thankful every morning and find time for the people in your life, the things you love doing and the opportunities that come your way.

“When you invoke the agent of change called Acceptance, you must accept all that you are, all that you’ve been, and all that you will be in the future.”

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