When you are in a place where the only other companion with you is The Nature, do you feel the Silence and being one with nature? Other then the beautiful chirping of birds, fluttering of leaves on trees, sounds of Animals communicating with each other in their own ways, there is nothing else. But even though all this should calm you to the core, there are Your Thoughts which keep on coming and they don’t let you feel the silence.

You might have observed this. How many times you have felt the onrush of innumerable thoughts when you are sleeping or resting comfortably for sometime? Every single day , they make us restless. It feels like even though all around us we are surrounded by Beautiful and Serene silence, there is Chaos inside us.

But remember Mind is an Incredible Tool. If those thoughts make us restless, we can make them go away by just “Being a Observer“. Sit back and relax, Observe the inflow of thoughts but don’t participate where they go. Don’t go along with them. Instead be alert and just Observe. In a few moments, you will feel there frequency has decreased considerably.

Learn to experience the “Silence in the Chaos.”

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