Its true when you decide to do something and work towards it with complete zest and determination, Nothing can stop you from achieving it. Whatever hurdles are there on the path, you can overcome those easily. They are there for only one purpose – to make you strong as “On passing everyone of them, you are actually going a Level Up or you can say that In Top Gear.”

You might have watched the River. Have you seen it stopping in between anywhere on its course or continuing on its journey towards its final destination till the End? It never stops. Instead it makes it path through the challenges or hurdles and pass through them or break them. This is one of the best lesson the River teaches us. Be like a River – Unstoppable, Unimaginable and Undeterred.

Remember that Other then yourself, no other force can stop you for achieving what you want in your life. Let the potential inside you be the flame for guiding you forward in your whole Life.

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