Our Bodies are more then what we think. They are the temples which should be worshipped and taken care by us. But do we really give time to our Bodies or just focus on them when we are unwell?

Our Bodies if taken proper care will help us in so many ways you can’t even imagine. Just think about it – You have set a Goal and want to achieve it soon. Along with care and love for your body, you respectfully are worshipping them. What is required is very Simple yet effective – REST. Even a short nap or a Power Nap will revive your body’s energy very much.

Scientifically, 8 hours of rest is important for Body. But those 8 hours can be divided too but before doing that, let the Body decide when Rest is needed. You just have to Listen to your own body – It’s Signals, Signs and Voice. Be aware of what it needs.

Remember this,” When you take care of you Body, it will take care of you.”

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