Trees are an endless source of knowledge, prepared to teach us and nurture us. Listen , observe and absorb the knowledge they provide. Some of the wonderful things they teach us are:-

Patience:- Being Patient helps us in
controlling the way we respond to things happening in our life.

Strength:- Just like the tree has the
strength to face the storms , even we
do have the strength to face the challenges of our life.

Rest:- In winters, Trees conserve their
energy by entering the state of dormancy. We can also take sometime to rest everyday maybe a power nap in between our work schedules.

Unique:- Just like every tree is unique,
 every individual is Unique . Embrace
 your flaws and delight in what makes
 you “You“. Just be yourself, and grow
 how YOU want to grow.

Foundation :- Just like a tree builds its
strong foundation with the help of
roots, every individual can also build
his own strong foundation and be

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