Forests are integral to our lives in complex ways that we are only beginning to understand. From reducing stress to carbon sequestering and climate regulation, they play a large role in our health and our planet’s health.

Forests give us no option but to look up, and outside of, our phones. They force us to actually look around when we are there.The wilderness knows that there’s much more that’s important, and it forces you to stay in the moment, to be present.

Just as in the forest, we are all part of one human community, and we depend on one another. If you have a strong foundation, you can weather the strongest storms.

In the forest, disturbances are an integral part of the system, to bring in new life. Similarly, the problems that you are facing will disturb you and force you to change and to grow, to bring new light into your life.

The forests are the best examples of how things endure. How life goes on. In that we probably need to live in the way forests do – simply and without complication.

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