Who has not been awed by the beauty of the city or countryside covered in snow? The serenity and whiteness of snow attracts us. Snow is a great Equalizer. has the ability to cover over the impurities of life and remind us of our own purity.

Snow falls gently and silently, teaching us in our own process of educating others and educating ourselves, that we need gentleness.

Snow teaches us to “Slow Down” . Give yourself a little wiggle room and allow for periods of rest and relaxation. Keeping free time in your schedule should be standard for every season of the year.

Snow teaches us “To be Flexible” easing tensions for you and those around you. Accept change and view it an opportunity for new experiences.

Snow brings “Beauty and a Diifferent Perspective” and “Promotes Introspection.” Acknowledge and give thanks for blessings. Listen for the “still small voice” that lends wisdom.

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