Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world but other then it’s beauty, there is also its ability to spread happiness around despite the fact that it stands on the thorns. It has caught the imagination of numerous poets, writers, artists can help us to glean valuable lessons from its life.

It teaches us that “Life’s Momentary“. Enjoy every moment of your life. Rose has a life span of only few hours but still its fragrance is eternal.

It teaches us that “Life is about spreading Joy.” Just like Rose chooses to spread smile and beauty all around, we should savour these Beautiful moments of life.

It teaches us “To Give.” The Law of Universe is “What you give comes back to you.” Just like Rose follow this law for its whole lifetime, let us give out love, hard work, dedication to reap success, joy and fulfillment.

Remember this Beautiful Flower always to inspire yourself during whole life. Let it be a symbol of positivity for you.

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