Lotus stands as a symbol of purity and hope. It’s growth and blooming process has struck countless hearts and minds.

Just like it blooms and flourishes amongst impurities,we have the power to break free can come from within and around us.In the end, it will be our experiences and inner strength that allow us to continue living in this world.

Lotus signifies Rebirth since it retracts into the water at Night and emerges back again in the morning. Just like it, even we can recover from the experiences but it takes time. In the end, we emerge as something new.

It signifies a journey from a small bud to a well bloomed flower. It is pure and untouched by the murky water in which it grows. Just like it, we can grow in life slowly and gradually among the distractions and attachments and rise above all of them to be the best version of  ourselves.

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