Summer encourages non-activity when it beckons you to simply sit and absorb the sun’s warmth – nourishing your body and soul. You give yourself a chance to reconnect with yourself – Your thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs. You reconnect with your authentic self, which can infuse you with a sense of well-being.

The sun’s warmth seems to almost melt the tension in our muscles, relaxing our bodies. Our guarded readiness for engaging in the world drops as we open to the sun’s comforting nourishment.

It’s best to live in rhythm with the day, every day of our lives. The rhythm of summer days, if you allow it, can highlight the rhythm of life. By paying attention, you can use these summer days to re-orient yourself toward living in accordance with the rhythm of your life. And by doing so, you will feel more at peace the life you are leading.

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