Autumn – a season of transition and change, rich in colourful tones that bridges the joyful abundance of summer with the bleak, stark winter months. so it got us thinking about transitions and change within our lives.

Autumn reminds us of the “Importance of Letting go.” It shows us that within the cycle of life there comes a time to let go and release those things that no longer serve us. Human nature encourages us to hold tightly to things and yet Autumn shows us how to transition and surrender through this process in glorious Technicolor. Life is happier and easier when we can flow, surrender and let go.

Autumn shows us “How to embrace change in glorious splendour.It reminds us to accept and flow with the change.” Just like the falling leaves you have to let go in order to move forward, grow and heal. Trust the process, believe that the universe is working with you and that everything is happening for a reason.

Use this stunning season as a reminder to “live more mindfully.” To take a slower and more mindful pace to life and to notice the detail.

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