The emotion of sadness is essential to our survival and has been a part of human experience since the beginning of time. Sadness is our body’s way of telling us that an event and/or internal experience has hurt or upset us.

Sadness’ function is twofold: To let us know that we need to grieve and to seek out those who love and support us.

Sadness can be awakening.It is a live emotion that can serve to remind us of what matters to us, what gives our life meaning. It centers us.

In everyday life, too, people often seek ways to experience sadness, at least from time to time—by listening to sad songs, watching sad movies, or reading sad books.

We should embrace all of our emotions, as each has an important role to play under the right circumstances. So, though you may seek ways to increase happiness, don’t haphazardly push away your sadness. No doubt, it’s there for good reason.

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