Joy is happy, elated, ecstatic, that intensely overwhelming feeling of pure, unbounded elation, a feeling so powerful that it feels like it might burst out of us

In life, these moments often come at times when we feel in awe of the magnitude of the world we live in and the beauty and possibility which it contains; marvelling at all that human beings are capable of, or staring up at the stars and realising just how small my place in the universe is.

But joy is also more subtle. It hides in the gentle warmth of a stranger’s smile on a rainy day or in the simple pleasure of catching up with a well- loved friend over a hot cup of tea ,in the quiet peace of settling down with a good book or in the satisfaction of having grasped a new concept.

Bask in the joy of enjoying what you have in this moment. Make every single moment of this beautiful life count.

2 thoughts on “JOY

  1. Lauren M. Hancock August 26, 2021 / 7:28 pm

    Yes, it can often be the small pleasures in life which count the most and are have the most profound effect on our day and mindset. Even just connecting with a new person, someone you wouldn’t ordinarily cross paths with on an everyday basis can be invigoratingly refreshing and joyful. Lovely post, Karan.

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