We all think that our lives are the only ones that took a winding path. The truth is that the opposite is true. We can all find comfort in the fact that everyone, just like us, is doing the best they can to deal with the surprises that life throws their way.

Surprise works on our brains, helping us to focus our attention and inspiring us to look at our situation in new ways.

Being open to uncertainty, learning how to reframe negative experiences in more positive ways, and nurturing stable relationships are all tools we can use to recover from negative surprises more easily.

We all need to stop protecting ourselves from the uncertainty or fear of surprise and get out there to engineer more of it. Not only will surprise bring more vitality to our lives, it will also lead to improvements in society.

By embracing and engineering surprise you can make our whole world richer, you can inspire wonder, connection, vulnerability, growth, and creativity.

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