Why do we stop expressing and go on suppressing? Yes, it’s true to “Think before you speak.” But it doesn’t mean not to speak at all. We are afraid of what others might think if we express. Okay but what about yourself?

Have you ever thought what those suppressed feelings or emotions can do if they suddenly found a outlet? There will be chaos. But to avoid it, we just have to express what we feel, what we think. Don’t just fill your inside with everything. Let those emotions flow.
You love someone and deeply care for them, show that love and care. Is that so hard? If you are Angry, vent out that anger immediately. Don’t let it break you inside piece by piece.

Let yourself be filled with thoughts that lift you up, that boost your morale. Feel them and absorb their power. Let them guide you through this life and make you feel centred and rooted.

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