From the day we are born, we are on our journey.  We were born free. There were no strings attached, no rules and regulations. But as we grow, our environment and people around us have their effect. We take up knowledge consciously or unconsciously. But what we take in, do we think or are we just filling up ourselves like adding the water in the filled up glass?

Think about the times when you were just like a bird in the vast sky. Can’t we be like that forever? It is said that we are bound by others but the fact is we are clutched by our own fear – fear of losing what we have now, fear of not letting go.

Be Free. Loosen up. Let the life guide you. You already are on a beautiful journey. It is a roller coaster ride but what’s there to lose? You have the power inside. You were born with it. Let that power light up your path of life. You were born free , then you should also die free – not a single unfulfilled desires or expectations.

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