The Dawn

Everyday when we wake up in the morning, what is the first thought that comes in your mind…Isn’t it related to how will this day be ? What if we make our mind think of only the thoughts which inspire us to wake up everyday with renewed enthusiasm and determination to make the day on of a kind? Believe me if that happens ,you are in for a surprise every single day.

Waking up Early and Sleeping Early has been known to make our biorhythm in tune with nature. The Dawn not only happens outside, it is within us too. Think about it. When the beautiful rays of sun gradually start making the whole world full of light , those rays are born inside us too in the form of thoughts making our day Beautiful.

We as a miniscule part of such beautiful universe are one of a kind. Think of yourselves as Rays of the Sun brightening your own path towards the destination. The brightness will always help not only you but the people who are there with you on the path or those who come in contact with you.

Let the light of positivity and love brighten the path of every person in your life.

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