The Force

Imagine yourself standing on the cliff watching the incredible force of water hitting the boulders . The mere force and the sound are so clear that instead of covering our ears , we just stand there feeling calm from the inside as well as outside.

Just like the Nature help us feel grounded and make our mind be at ease, in our lives, we can with the help of nature can be calm amongst the chaos around us.

When the mind is at ease, the force within us awakens and makes us fulfill our Goals one by one. The Force has everything with it needed to help us achieve our expectations. It helps us to be a seeker for knowledge by increasing our thirst for learning. Let this force guide you and you will reach the destination.

Think of yourself as the Double-edged Sword. One Edge is Calm Mind and Another is The Force Inside. When this sword is utilised, we will be living our life like the way we have always wanted.

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