The Expanse

Imagine you are sitting on the edge of a cliff viewing the breathtaking expanse of water as far as your Eyes can see, the calm and peace you feel will be so much that you would want to live there forever.

This was just one of the beautiful imaginations. You would have observed your thoughts when you just scroll through such pics of  incredible beauty of nature on your mobile or laptop. If these thoughts ground us and make our mind feel at ease, we can have them whenever we like. For instance, when anger, irritation or frustration is there inside, just think of these views and try to feel yourself being there observing “The Expanse”.

There is a Expanse inside us too which we  have not explored yet. It has everything which we are viewing in the outside world. Never forget that you are very important and unique part of the Whole Universe,.i.e. Kind of a Mini Universe. You have everything within you which is required for flourishing in life.

Whenever you feel that something is not happening which will help us in a way, do not worry as what is coming for you or what is going to happen will surely help you be the person in this life you always wanted to be.

Remember to think of “The Expanse” whenever you find yourself somewhere you don’t want to be and then everything else will fall into place on it’s own.

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