Each of has a perspective towards life – how it should be and what all is needed a but what about taking actions to make it happen i.e. make your life just like the way you want it to be? How can this be possible since there are so many perspectives around us from other individuals? If everyone gets what they want in their lives, wouldn’t there be chaos? Think .

If two people are arguing about something and they are not accepting what the other is saying, don’t you think it’s just the waste of energy and time? Both of them first listen to each other perspectives ,then it will an healthy argument reaching to a successful conclusion at the end.

The happiness and joy can be found in the simplest things in life but people take the hard way to reach to that. Will there be any energy left to enjoy those moments if the latter is done? No, I guess. Keep it simple then. No need to make it harder.

What we can do is give our best, take ample of rest, watch the chirping of birds in a nest and live life with interest.

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