Peaceful Mind

Imagine yourself in a Boat in the middle of the river sailing peacefully. The sound of gentle touch of water with the sides of the Boat and the silence around you. The feeling of being amidst the Beauty of Nature calms you to the core.

Being in silence is so important now but do we feel it ? If we try to just sit and relax for sometime, this helps in stopping the noise from outside but what about the Inner Chatter? Your mind goes on and on.

But we can have some beautiful and silent moments too everyday. Think about the moments of peace you have felt in your life, for instance, when you were travelling somewhere or relaxing near a beach or under a tree, etc. This will help calm the mind and then just sit and observe the thoughts.

When your mind is calm, thinking becomes more focused and the thoughts you have during this time will help you grow and be very creative.

The Peaceful Mind is the most wonderful tool you can have to unleash the potential inside you.

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