We all hope everyday to live a life in a way we want but for that to happen, we have to take action which if done after careful planning and management leads to successful outcomes.

What if some things in our lives doesn’t happen as we wanted them to? Is this the reason to lose all our hopes? What we can do is to Hope for the Best. Not only hope, but keep on thinking about what you want and let your mind be focused on that.

Just like the particles of sand when we hold in our hand lightly, they just pass through our hand but if we hold them firmly, they will be there , similarly Our Hopes are lost only when we want them to. It depends on us how to we deal with failures.

What if we consider both , Success as well as Failures as “Stepping Stones towards the Road to Success”? Then there is no reason left for losing hope till the very end.

Remember always, “When there is a will, there is a way”,

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