The List

Observe your life. Jot down what you really miss and remember to write every single thing you can think of.

Now, look at the list and write down of all the things that you have with you. I know this seem like a futile exercise but beleive me, this will help you a lot.

Now, the real and most important exercise comes. You have made two lists but now you have to make a third one in which you will be noting down only the things which you actually want in your life i.e. the things you are missing.

Trust me on this – when you complete the above exercise, you will have a crystal clear and well focused vision for your goals and the things you really wish to have in your lives.

In my case, I was very specific about my vision and goals of life and I finally found my love for writing and blogging this year. It’s like a dream come true.

Try the above exercise and step up in your life to be the Best version of you.

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