The Leopard

Leopards are very agile and magnificent animals capable of amazing speed and amazing adaptability. They teach us many important life lessons.

A Leopard teaches us to Trust our own Instincts. Just like they utilise their instincts for catching their prey, we should also let our instincts help us grabbing the oppurtunities and grow in our lives.

It teaches us to Enjoy Solitude. Those courageous people who want to dare to live; and to do so believe you have to explore the depths of yourself, undistracted and unprotected by social conventions and norms.

It teaches us to Respect our senses. Often we don’t focus on all of our senses or even if we do, it’s not complete focus. Let us remind ourselves to respect and utilise all our senses which will eventually help us in helping us grow in every area of our lives.

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