The Crocodile

Crocodiles are one of the most successful predators on the planet.Sitting at the apex of the food chain, they are massive beasts that have a tried and true method of hunting. But believe me or not, they do teach some valuable life lessons too.

Crocodiles have the ability to predict where their prey are going to be, either through knowledge of where they drink, where they have to cross a river or where the tides flow, directing large volumes of fish to them. This understanding enables them to be well positioned at the right time, increasing their opportunity to be successful. Similarly, Be it our Personal or Professional lives, keep yourself updated on the knowledge and hone your skills suitable for what you do.

Crocodiles know that they may have to wait for their prey to come to them and are prepared to bide their time until the opportunity presents itself. Similarly, In this fast paced life, we should have Patience to let things happen at their own time and never rush.

Crocodile take advantage of the opportunity to pounce when the time comes. They launch themselves with all that they have and grab their chance. Similarly, we should always be prepared to grab the opportunity when it comes to you OR create the oppurtunities by your own.

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