The Tortoise

Tortoises are slow yet Beautiful creatures. They plod along, often pausing mid-stride to blink and peer into the distance, and falling asleep several times a day. Their wanderings are full of the pleasure of treading carefully and looking at the world as you go.

Some of them are capable of astonishing feats of Burrowing and Climbing. They are very determined to reach their goals.Taken metaphorically, this is a good lesson: you can reach the top but only if you burrow to the heart of the matter.

They are very Curious and Trusting. They usually love exploring and trust their loved ones to be with them with there always. Just like them, being little curious in life help us to know many things and also Trust is the foundation with which we can achieve incredible feats.

From the famous story of The Rabbit and the Tortoise, we know the moral, “Slow and steady wins the Race.” Let us learn from them and live our life enjoying each moment of it completely as well as achieve our goals with determination and courage but slowly and steadily.

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