“The Duck”

Ducks love the water. You can often see them floating happily on the surface of lakes, creeks, rivers and ponds. In nature, they are water experts.

We should to take to something like a duck to water. This means you are really good at something without even trying very hard. It is not a struggle for you at all. It is almost as if you were born to do it. And you really enjoy it.

Ducks always live in the moment. When they are swimming, they are in the moment of swimming. When they are grooming, they are fully focused on grooming. The same goes for their rest and feeding.May you always remember, to enjoy the fullness of each moment of your life. Each moment is precious and holds a gift for us, in what it can allow us to be, feel and experience.

Ducks teach us to Keep Moving. No need to stuck anywhere in life. If you are, either find a solution or just move on. When you are focused and determined, nothing can deter you.

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