“The Woodpecker”

Woodpecker is an exquisite bird with a colorful red throat and beautiful feathers. It walks upright, hardly touching the bark. No other being can do what the woodpecker does. This behavior is a very rare thing to see. You will not find it in other birds.

Woodpecker changes our mindset by its determination. It taught us– rather, remind us – of the fundamentals of setting and achieving our goals in our life.

A Woodpecker pounds a tree and then stops and re-access the work done by it. It teaches us to Re-access and gain a clear perspective of where you want to go and what it’ll take to get there.

A Woodpecker teaches is Focus and Dedication towards our Goals but at the same time, it teaches us to Take one step at a time. No need to hurry.

A Woodpecker teaches us Perseverance. It can take many weeks to pound and make a home for its offsprings in a tree but it never even flinch. It teaches us to Never give up. When life gets in the way, push it back or find a way to blend it in with your goals.

Believe in yourself. Make them happen. Set your goals. Determine the steps you need to take. Be diligent. Strive. Persist and above all, Be Patient. Let the life take its course. Learn and Enjoy.

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