The Eagle

The Eagle ā€“ a symbol of bravery, courage, power, strength, and superiority. It has found its way to the national symbols of 27 nations, the popular ones are the coat of arms of Germany, the Great Seal of the United States, the coat of arms of Nigeria, the coat of arms of Mexico, and the coat of arms of Ghana.

The Eagle teaches has to have a Focused Vision in Life. They are known to have a very keen and sharp eye catching their prey. Just like them, let us be completely focused on what exactly we want in our lives.

The Eagle have Incredible Grips. Not even a howling wind can deter a prey if Eagle has caught it. It can even grip large sized prey like the Lambs. Can you imagine the incredible power they have? Just like them you too have the immense potential inside you. Use that power to grab the opportunity and be whatever comes, don’t let that oppurtunity go away.

The Eagle are experts in adapting new environments. They can fly above the clouds and change the environment for catching their prey. For instance, snakes are vulnerable in the Air. So, The Eagle catch them and fly into the Air where Snakes cannot do anything. Just like them , if we are facing problems or challenges which are repeatedly bothersome, instead of facing them again and again, find new strategies to overcome them. Adapt ,Adapt and Adapt.

Let us all learn from the eagle by having good visions for the future, develop strength and endurance toward our challenges and be wise enough to deal with our challenges appropriately to be the victor.

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