The Lizard

Look at that smile😀

This small, yet captivating creature can teach us a thing or two about achieving goals.

It teaches us to “Let Go”. To protect itself from predators, it detaches it tail. It may be painful but still living is more important. It is said that “we spend so much time gazing at the locked door that we fail to see the open door.” We must learn to allow associations and habits that are not beneficial to our lives to go.

It teaches us to “Keep Growing”. Nothing in our lives is permanent. Don’t get stuck somewhere. Keep moving and growing.

It teaches us to “Be Decisive and Take Action.” In the pursuit of our dreams and goals there is no place for hesitation. The hindrances you’ve identified in your life must be cut off.

Just like the lizard is so focused on achieving it’s goal that it is willing to eliminate anything that will keep him from it, let us also be Focused and Dedicated towards the goals we want to achieve in our lives.

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