The Snail

Looking at nature we can ever so often find our motivation inspiration and life lessons from the tiniest things, this is certainly the case when we turn our attention to The Snail.

This slow moving little creature teaches us not only that slow and steady wins the race but despite the heavy load that the snail is stacked with it still moves gracefully and seemingly effortless.

It teaches us “To make sure to balance our strong driven side with oour nurturing, caring side.”

It teaches us “To allow our own inner gypsy to roam, whether in thought, mind or action. Allow yourself to be free.”

It teaches us “To keep moving towards our destination“. Take action be it small or big and Turn up every single day. Our goals might not come to us but we can go to them.

Snails remind us of the “Importance of slowing down, respecting our need for rest in a too busy, accelerated world.”

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