The Grasshopper

Grasshoppers are wonderful creatures. They do have large appetites but not all of their species. Most of them are well behaved and have super cool traits.

They are Elite Athletes. They can jump almost 200 times more their length. Similary, even we have the potential to outdo ourselves in our Professional career.

They have a “Peculiar habit of cleaning themselves all the time“. They teach us to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

They are “Masters of Metamorphosis“. In their lifetime, they shed their skin and emerge as a bigger and better version of themselves for five of six times. Its a strong commitment for personal growth. They teach us to re-emerge has more better and balanced version of ourselves living through all life challenges.

Just like the Grasshopper, we should never stop changing and growing. Keep on updating yourselves and live the life on your own terms.

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