The Spider

Spiders are incredibly powerful and awe-inspiring. They are master engineers and they create engineering miracles. The way they create those incredible webs is just amazing.

Spiders teach us To get Started with whatever you want to achieve in life – don’t wait for that perfect day which will never come.

Spiders know what they are capable of spinning. They get started and believe in their natural ability. Just like them, start working on your dream today and know that you can do it. Be creative and do the best you can.

Spiders teach us Perseverance. No matter how many times the webs they make are destroyed, they start building them again. Similarly, be prepared for knocks and challenges – and start again.

Spider teach us Focus and Diligence. Just like them, we should be focused and diligent on our dreams till they become a reality.

Remember that building anything worthwhile takes time, effort and dedication. Learn from our spider friends and create your own wonderful web in your life.

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