The Ants

Ants do look small but they can teach us how they always suceed time and time again. Come to think of it, ants are a lot braver than your typical action movie hero.

Ants are driven by Purpose. Ant’s sole job description is to find food for the colony. This is his purpose, and all that he inputs this time and energy into, and so it compounds his chances of success. Just like them, minimise your engagement with activities that draw you away from your main focus.

Ants divide their Time between Rest and Work. They collect foods in summers and lay dormant in winters. Just like them, arrange your work and rest schedules accordingly which help in excelling in your career.

Ants teach us Adaptability. We should be able to adapt as per the situations and be flexiable to work as well be focused on what we need in our lives.

Ants teach us Discipline and Teamwork. Ants work tirelessly and persistently with utmost dedication to their work. You might have observe them marching in a straight line towards their destination without deviating from their paths. If we are implementing these two qualities in our lives, there is nothing that can stop us to be the person we want to be.

The biggest lessons in life come from the smallest folks (Ants for instance) around us. Now that’s a good lesson to remember!

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