Zeal is a driving force. It is a dynamic force, it enables us to do God’s work with vigor. It is like some kind of force inside one’s heart, an inner force which drives you and makes you live.

Zeal helps you think differently what’s ahead. Take time-outs, perhaps badly needed “me-time”, for reassess and realignment goals and objectives and how to .

Zeal means living abundantly — and we are more likely to do so when can pay attention, live in the present, have gratitude, and experience wonder. It is an energetic and committed response to opportunities and challenges that come our way.

Our Zeal moves us to live compassionately and to serve others. It shows up in our prayers, rituals, family life, and community activities.

When the Zeal is in your life it is like fire which burns within you, it burns and it can never be quenched or stopped! Zeal never accepts failure, it instead sees every obstacle as a stepping stone to victory.

Practice Zeal and take all that comes your way with an open and full heart.

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