Yearning for More

Yearning is paramount to one’s survival. When yearnings are met, one’s system is flooded with feel-good neurochemicals.

For instance, you may get a quick boost of dopamine from eating chocolate cake, but you’ll be awash with pride and satisfaction when you do everything you can to make or keep yourself healthy. This is Yearning.

Yearnings are powerful. People want to be heard, live out their potential, connect, belong, matter, and love and be loved.

Yearnings represents all that is basic to happiness, contentment, security, joy and satisfaction.

Yearnings are not goals; they’re much deeper and carry within them far more power to make our hearts sing and keep on singing.

Universal Yearnings are “To be secure, love and care for, and respond to others; To relate, see and be seen, know and be known, to connect; To have one’s existence appreciated, To express one’s essence, sense of self and potential; To matter; To be connected with others; and To connect to something greater than oneself.”

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