Wake Up Call

Waking up from the stupor that has become your life. A call to crowd out the complacency and mediocrity that has gradually consumed you. A return to self. Perhaps it’s time for an entirely different path, a new direction, a fresh start.

Be assured your wake up call will come when you’re good and ready. When you’re able to receive it, it will come calling.

Our wakeup calls will always be designed just for us. No two calls sound the same. Our calls come in many different forms and flavors. Circumstances can and do change on a dime without warning.

We need an outlet in which to devote our time and talents. Nothing’s on the horizon for now. We wait. The message could be in the waiting.

Wakeup calls come bearing gifts like “A greater respect for time and how it’s spent”, “Increased awareness and authenticity”, “Renewed strength and resolve to overcome and endure” and many more.

Wake Up calls could be beckoning you to believe in yourself when before you didn’t dare. Now you have the courage and strength to take control of your life. Listen to them and Implement. Observe the changes happening in your life.

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